ok fellow Latin@s, here’s the thing

while we all have similar struggles as Latin@s, let’s not pretend that the struggles of white-passing Latin@s are the same as darker/afro-latin@s cause that’s just bullshit.

I see too many fucking tears of light Latin@s on my dash lately, I’m not saying you guys don’t have to go through shit too, but let’s put things into perspective.

You feeling excluded from a group because you’re ‘too light’ and you don’t feel Latin@ is NOT the same thing as Afro Latin@s getting fucking followed, frisked, and kept from jobs based on how dark their skin is.

When Latin@s are represented in media, youare seen


Go look at Latin tv and tell me how excluded you feel. 

I have darker skin, and for most of my life I didn’t even know Latin@s like me existed, my family would often tell me to not go into the sun because forbid I’d get darker. Latin@s ask me constantly if I’m ok having dark skin, I get called ‘negrita’ like it’s a bad thing constantly, however I’m ‘lucky’ because according to them I got the ‘good hair’ which actually means ‘white people hair’. So as shitty as it is for me sometimes, I know that because of my mix I do have privilege over full Afro-Latin@s. This isn’t about ‘oppression olympics’ it’s about acknowledging our privileges so that we can help empower ourselves and each other without forgetting about our black familias.

Here are two short documentaries that you can watch, and I’m sure there are many more out there. 

1. Black and Latino

2. Afro-Ecuadorians battle against racism

Colourism exists.

Let me repeat, colourism exists.