wejumpedoutawindow said: ok, since you're taking it well, i'll explain myself. so first: 1) When I meant Oscar-winning, I don't only mean the actors. I mean the rest of the nominations. This wont get an any Oscars except Best Song or Best Leading Actress 2) Why are people saying just because I don't agree with a actor getting a part, i'm racist? 3) And making it cheap? I just dont want it to be too hip and too "cool". im not a big fan of annie, but its still a classic

…are you for real? are your words real?

1) this won’t get any oscars because of what?
2) you automatically assumed Jamie Foxx wasn’t right for the part, but admitted to never seeing his work.
3) ‘ I just dont want it to be too hip and too “cool” ’ are you for real?
black people can only do hip hop?
not like they’re the pioneers of most of the music you listen to on the radio…
but really… are those words real life? 


I think what you meant is that you don’t want it to be too black.
just say it.