12-Year-Old Girl Kicked Off Football Team Because Boys Had ‘Impure Thoughts’ About Her

A private school outside Atlanta recently informed 12-year-old Madison Baxter that she would not be welcome at tryouts for the 7th-grade football team, even though she started on the sixth-grade team and has been playing football since second grade. The reason she won’t be allowed on the field? Because her male teammates are beginning to have “impure thoughts” about her, Strong Rock Christian Academy school administrator Patrick Stuart told Baxter’s mother.

“In the meeting with the CEO of the school [Patrick Stuart], I was told that the reasons behind it were one, that the boys were going to start lusting after her and have impure thoughts about her and that the locker-room talk was not appropriate for a female to hear even though she had a separate locker room from the boys,” Baxter’s mother, Cassy Blythe,  told Atlanta’s WXIA-TV.

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Or you know, you could teach boys how to respect girls/women.
She’s 12 and you’re already sexualizing her body and telling her that the ‘impure’ thoughts of boys are her fault.
Job well done patriarchy.