It’s not too surprising that Page had ties to white supremacy; if the photo captioned “Wade” on End Apathy’s MySpace page is in fact Page, he was covered in tattoos associated with neo-Nazi groups, including the number 14 atop a Celtic cross, which both utilizes common racist iconography and refers to a famous quote by a white supremacist. Meanwhile, Washington Monthly’s Ed Kilgore wonders about the existence of “the white power music scene,” but sadly, it’s been in existence for a long time, a constant scourge of deep-digging punk record hunters hoping for gems and instead finding Skrewdriver albums to their disdain. 

Thus far it seems Page may have acted alone, but the FBI is searching for a person of interest at the crime scene. 

The FBI is referring to Page as a domestic terrorist. More updates as they become available.





So, why are Catholic priests allowed to speak? Aren’t they unmarried? 

watching republicans continuously show their blatant sexism/racism/homophobia would be funnier if people didn’t take their shit seriously.

I feel like they’re fucking with people, is it really possible to make it into office being this fucking ignorant? why am I even studying? I’ll just stop pursuing an education, ignore facts and science and run for congress or something. and anytime someone disagrees with me I’ll cry ‘religious freedom!’ or ‘terrorism!’ boom, argument over. -LG