everyone get your floaties ready

the white tears are coming.

Romney is like the villain in movies

every fucking time you think you got rid of him, motherfucker comes back. 

what the fuck is up with this election?

there are many reasons to note vote for Obama

but there is NO reason to vote for Romney.


You’ve got to hand it to Obama and Romney. It’s tough to have a 90-minute debate on foreign policy when you fundamentally agree on everything.

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Romney ‘When I’m Presid-‘

"I think we all love teachers"

— Moderator is tired of yo shit Romney

here we go blaming China again

really mittens?

"They noticed that you skipped Israel"


Yeah, man, Netanyahu was curled up in his room for days, crying, eating Ben and Jerry’s, and listening to “Someone Like You.”

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umm… Romney

'America' did and does dictate other nations. I don't know if Obama actually said that, but if he had he would have been right. 



u ever think about how airplanes fly but they dont flap their wings


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